Business People Applauding



To All of Our Valued Clients,                                              June 1st, 2020


We hope you, your family and staff are safe and healthy. The past months have been difficult for everyone. We are happy that we are now at Phase 1 of opening and some vendors are able to get back to serving clients.

With that being said, we are extending ALL contracts for an additional 6 months from your current end date. If your contract has already lapsed, we will extend your contract 6 months from today. 

We are continuing to represent your businesses, as well as, actively signing contracts with more venues in your area to add them to our site. Additionally, we are increasing Advertising locally due to travel restrictions in the northeast. We will continue to adjust our promotions, advertising and marketing plans as new information becomes available and laws change.

If you would like to change any part of your listing, please email any changes to We are slowly bringing our staff back to work and we appreciate your patience in changes being loaded to the website. 

Thank you again for your business and stay safe.


Best Regards,

David & Jennifer Clementi


The Staff of Weddings by Destination Inc.